Invitation to the Classics: A Guide to Books You’ Ve Always Wanted to Read


Practically a classic itself, Invitation to the Classics is a popular guide to those great works of literature that you always meant to read. Full color and engaging, this book is a gateway to the fulfilling pursuit of understanding our culture by exploring its most enduring writings. “These sparkling essays remind us of the deep pleasures of literature and its power to instruct and delight.”–Publishers Weekly “A magnificent resource, an urgently needed publication in an era when politically correct higher education is trying to deconstruct Western civilization. Wonderful!”–Charles Colson “This important publication should be in every library and out on the table in every Christian home.”–Dallas Willard “Immerses us in the wisdom of the ages, those noble thoughts that enrich society’s values and guide our youth along positive paths toward fruitful lives.”–President Jimmy Carter

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