Fundamentals of Foods, Nutrition and Diet Therapy

This book has consistently been used by students studying the first course in Food Science and Nutrition. In several universities, diet therapy topics have been added in the curricula of this course. Therefore, diet therapy has been added in this revision, with a hope of meeting the changing needs of the readers in this area. The revised edition incorporates topics which are related to useful subjects, like nursing, education, art, social sciences, home science, medical and paramedical sciences, agriculture, community health, environmental health and pediatrics etc. The book is intended to be an ideal textbook encompassing the following aspects: Introduction to the Study of Nutrition Nutrients and Energy Foods Meal Planning and Management Diet Therapy Various modifications have been done along with clear illustrations, charts and tables for visualised practical knowledge. Each chapter is presented in a clear style with an understandable approach. Appendices include abbreviations, food exchange lists, recommended dietary allowances for Indians and food composition tables. A glossary is also available at the end for clear understanding. Other useful informations is given, regarding the food and dietary habits according to the age and height of males/females. We hope this textbook would fulfil the goal of promoting nutrition for a disease-free society. About the Authors Sumati R. Mudambi received her M.Sc. (Biochemistry) from Mumbai and Ph.D. (Foods and Nutrition Biochemistry) from University of Wisconsin. She has got teaching experience at Indian Universities (Delhi, Mumbai and Kerala) and Nigeria (Nsukka and Ibadan). Presently, she is involved in preparing more books in the areas of Nutrition and Food Science. M.V. Rajagopal


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