Great Minds Mathematics Activities Grade 1 PB


Author: Joash Wamalwa
Publisher: East African Educational Publishers
Year: First published 2018
ISBN: 978-9966-56-389-7

Pupil’s Book

Great Minds Mathematics Activities Grade 1, Pupils Book, is a KICD approved comprehensive course book based on the new Competency-Based Curriculum, 2018 for primary schools. This course book has is presented in a simple way to enable learner love and enjoy mathematics. Here, the teacher remains a facilitator and not the source of knowledge. The key features of the book include:

  • Relevant, well drawn full colour illustrations.
  • A variety of competency-based learner-centered activities that help learners to develop a wide range of skills.
  • Suggestions for parents’ involvement in the continuous learning process at home.
  • Songs and poems to help learner to understand the content and make Mathematics enjoyable.
  • Indoor and outdoor activities that learners do in pairs and in groups as they help each other to learn.
  • Fun spot in every unit.

The book has an accompanying Teacher’s Guide. The author, Joash Wabwile Wamalwa, is a competent author and seasoned tutor of Mathematics and Science in the Competency-Based Curriculum.

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