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  • The Pilgrim’s Progress (Penguin Black Classics Series) John Bunyan

    A new edition of one of the greatest allegorical stories ever written. Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read

    A masterpiece of the English Puritan tradition, The Pilgrim’s Progress is rich in its imaginative power and its vivid and heartfelt language. It recounts the story of Christian, who appears to the author in a dream, and his journey to Heaven through the trials and tribulations of life. He meets many like-minded pilgrims on his way, such as Faithful and Hopeful, but before they attain their goal they encounter the Giant Despair and the River of Death itself. Translated into more than one hundred languages, The Pilgrim’s Progress continues to have an immeasurable influence on English literature.

  • The Life of Christ in Stereo: The Four Gospels Combined As One Paperback by Johnston M. Cheney

    One of the purposes of this book is to display the fact that the four Gospels agree together in all their details and reveal the guiding hand of an unseen author….. Combining the Gospels is certainly not new. Tatian’s Diatessaron in the second century being one of the first such attempts. But this combination is an attempt to interweave the four Gospels in such a way as to incorporate all the details into a single chronological story, without repeating any parts. In so doing, the Gospels hold together like the pieces of a stupendous jigsaw puzzle. The combination effect is both stereophonic and stereoscopic. — excerpts from book’s Preface

  • When God Whispers Your Name Max Lucado

    Are you ready to hope again? Are you ready to let go of doubt and sorrow? Just listen carefully. God is whispering your name.

    Somewhere, between the pages of this book and the pages of your heart, God is speaking. And He is calling you by name.

    Maybe that’s hard to believe. Maybe you just can’t imagine that the One who made it all thinks of you that personally — that He keeps your name on His heart and lips.

    But it’s true. In the Bible and in the circumstances of your life, He whispers your name lovingly. Tenderly. Patiently but persistently. Let these stories remind you of the God who knows your name.

    Some of the stories are from the Bible. Some are drawn from everyday life. Most are about people who are lost … or weary … or discouraged — just like you may be. If you let them, they will tell the story of your life. And the story of a God who speaks into your situation.

    So listen closely as you turn these pages. Listen for the Father’s gentle whisper that can erase your doubt, your sorrow, your weariness, your despair.

    It really is your name that you hear, and the Voice that calls is more loving that your ever dared dream. Listen. And learn to hope again.

  • Heaven at Home: Establishing and Enjoying a Peaceful Home Ginger Plowman

    Learn to prepare your home to be a haven where spirits are renewed, dreams are nurtured, and the best of life is lived. Nestle your family into a warm and welcoming refuge by learning how to establish and enjoy a peaceful home.

  • Choose To Forgive by JoyHope Kang’angi

    In choose to forgive you will learn that forgiveness runs the economy of the heart. Once you choose to, you will save the cost of losing friends. You will also save medical bills because maybe the physical illness which you have struggled with for years was caused by unforgiveness. You might be subjecting people around you to stress, paying your hospital bills, yet you have the cure within you. I challenge you to forgive and experience total liberation, gratitude, peace, wholeness and great health.

  • Moral stories from the Bible

    Moral Stories from the Bible is a collection of bible stories that teach Biblical values and morals.

    The easy-to-read and colourful illustrations make this book a perfect way to introduce young children to the stories and characters of the bible.

  • The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel

    In his comprehensive investigation, Strobel doesn’t shy away from the challenging questions, including:

    How reliable is the New Testament?
    Does evidence for Jesus exist outside the Bible?
    Is Jesus who said he was?
    Is there any reason to believe the resurrection was an actual event?
    What does all of the evidence point to–and what does it mean today?
    Winner of the Gold Medallion Book Award and twice nominated for the Christian Book of the Year Award, The Case for Christ has been adapted into a major motion picture and has now sold over five million copies worldwide.

  • How to Pray by R. A. Torrey

    Experiencing God Through Prayer
    R. A. Torrey shares spiritual guidelines of answered prayer in this powerful and dynamic book, including:

    Praying according to God’s will
    Praying in the Spirit
    Hindrances to prayer
    When to pray
    Abiding in Christ
    Torrey’s teachings are illustrated with many true-life experiences. They are lovingly explained and will help you understand the components of a successful prayer life. Then you will see the powerful results of praying God’s way

  • Becoming a Prayer Warrior by Elizabeth Alves

    Becoming a Prayer Warrior is a complete guide to the essentials of powerful prayer. From laying out the basic principles to inspiring stories of world-changing prayer, international prayer leader Elizabeth Alves gives you a fresh look at the incredible mystery of prayer and the benefits it can bring. She equips everyone, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned intercessor, with clear, practical guidance about how to pray with more power and more passion. Move beyond the idea of prayer as a ritual or duty and learn how to truly communicate with God and experience his power and joy as never before.

  • Breaking Free from Fear: How to Find Peace for Your Anxious Heart by Maria Furlough

    The Bible calls us to not be afraid, and of course we all want to live without fear. But how?

    Using her own story as a catalyst, Maria Furlough shows you how to overcome fear for good. She calls you to make a list of your fears, to choose to bring those fears to God rather than acting on them, and to trust God with the future. She shows how when we give God full control over our lives, choosing his sovereignty over our own ability, we can break the cycle of fear, grow through suffering, and trust God to fulfill his promises of protection and peace.

  • Power of a Praying Teen by Stormie Omartian

    Bestselling author Stormie Omartian raised teenagers to adulthood, and her mother’s heart for this age group (14- to 18-year-olds) gives her the perfect foundation for a book on prayer specifically targeting this exciting and challenging time of life.Along with Scripture verses and true stories of teens in action, The Power of a Praying® Teen addresses key issues young people face, including

    peer pressure
    Each segment of the book concludes with a prayer that teens can follow or use as a model for their own prayers. Easy-to-access chapters focus on what it means to be maturing in all areas of life, including talking to God in prayer. Young men and women just on the cusp of growing up will find the compassion, help, direction, strength, and stability that comes with knowing and hearing from God in The Power of a Praying Teen.’

  • The Power of a Praying Kid by Stormie Omartian

    The Power of a Praying® Kid is a fun and “kid-friendly” approach to prayer for a very special audience. Written with young hearts in mind, this short, easy-to-read book for 7- to 12-year-olds helps children learn to talk to God in a way that is meaningful and relational. Interactive call-outs, sample prayers, and places to record their own words to God are sprinkled throughout the pages. Moms and Dads as well as children will love the message of this book for growing-up kids. God wants to hear from them and He listens to their prayers.

  • The Word Topical Bible of Issues and Answer

    The Word Topical Bible of Issues and Answer

  • EGONECT: Return to Immortality

    The EGONECT is the book for everyone, because we are each other’s destiny!The EGONECT is the only book of all millennia reconnecting us with the unlimited source of the real power of powers and happiness! Yes! With the baby in us! Innocence! The EGONECT is the path towards immortality, and immortality does not discriminate!The EGONECT will guide us to the celestial star where time is traveling towards the past, also, with the same speed!The EGONECT introduces the economic human system in order for us to create our new destiny and a universal society of total prosperity.

  • Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy

    The latest book, Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy, is published by Spiegel & Grau/Random House. For the first time, the book presents Western readers with a path to achieving absolute well-being through the classical science of yoga in a practical, accessible book. It is a means to create inner situations exactly the way you want them, turning you into the architect of your own joy.

    In this transformative book Sadhguru tells the story of his own awakening, from a boy with an affinity for the natural world, to a young daredevil who crossed the Indian continent on his motorcycle. He relates the moment of his enlightenment on a mountaintop in southern India, from which he emerged radically changed. Today, as the founder of Isha, he lights the path for millions. The wisdom distilled in this accessible, profound, and engaging book offers readers the opportunity to achieve nothing less than a life of joy.

  • Neno Biblia Takatifu Large

    Neno Biblia Takatifu Large

  • Take the Risk

    No risk, pay the cost. Know risk, reap the rewards. In our risk-avoidance culture, we place a high premium on safety. We insure our vacations. We check crash tests on cars. We extend the warranties on our appliances. But by insulating ourselves from the unknown–the risks of life–we miss the great adventure of living our lives to their full potential.

    Ben Carson spent his childhood as an at-risk child on the streets of Detroit, and today he takes daily risks in performing complex surgeries on the brain and the spinal cord. Now, offering inspiring personal examples, Dr. Carson invites us to embrace risk in our own lives. From a man whose life dramatically portrays the connection between great risks and greater successes, here are insights that will help you dispel your fear of risk so you can dream big, aim high, move with confidence, and reap rewards you’ve never imagined.

    By avoiding risk, are you also avoiding the full potential of your life?

    The surgery was as risky as anything Dr. Ben Carson had seen. The Bijani sisters–conjoined twins–shared part of a skull, brain tissue, and crucial blood flow. One or both of them could die during the operation. But the women wanted separate lives. And they were willing to accept the risk to reach the goal, even against the advice of their doctors. . . . As a child on the dangerous streets of Detroit, and as a surgeon in operating theaters around the world, Dr. Ben Carson has learned all about risk–he faces it on a daily basis. Out of his perilous childhood, a world-class surgeon emerged precisely because of the risks Dr. Carson was willing to take.

    In his compelling new book, he examines our safety-at-all-costs culture and the meaning of risk and security in our lives. In our 21st-century world, we insulate ourselves with safety. We insure everything from vacations to cell phones. We go on low-cholesterol diets and buy low-risk mutual funds. But in the end, everyone faces risk, like the Bijani twins did with their brave decision. Even if our choices are not so dramatic or the outcome so heartbreaking, what does it mean if we back away instead of move forward? Have we so muffled our hearts and minds that we fail to reach for all that life can offer us–and all that we can offer life?

    Take the Risk guides the reader through an examination of risk, including:

    A short review of risk-taking in history.
    An assessment of the real costs and rewards of risk.
    Learning how to assess and accept risks.
    Understanding how risk reveals the purpose of your lives.

  • The Power of a Praying Woman

    It doesn’t matter what age you are, what your marital status is, what the condition of your body and soul is, or how long you have not been a believer- if you are a woman, this book is for you. It’ll help you be stronger and more vigilant in praying for yourself and for the country as a whole. It’ll remind you that even as you run up and down trying to accomplish a lot in this oh so competitive world, or as you struggle taking care of your five kids, that God needs you to have a relationship with Him, not just praying for everyone else and forgetting that you too need to pray and connect with Him.

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