Skills in English for Primary – Pupil’s Book 6


Skills in English for Primary – Pupil’s Book 6
Author: Muniafu & Opuodho
ISBN: 978 9966 347 80 0
Skills in English is a complete primary English course developed in line with the primary English syllabus. The course offers pupils and teachers the necessary content, information and skills necessary for learning and teaching of English as a subject and as a language of communication. The course was prepared after in-depth research in order to prepare the learner to acquire necessary knowledge and competences. The course has covered the entire syllabus exhaustively. Similarly, all the language skills have been presented in a manner that stimulates learning and language practice.

Key Features;
? Listening and speaking skills have been presented in a manner that enables the learner to participate actively in the language learning process.
? Reading skills have been developed logically and gradually to develop the reading and comprehension abilities of the learner. The reading texts presented aims at developing both the learner?s language and reading skills. The passages in the course tackle topical issues in which the learner is given an opportunity to express his or her views about these issues.
? The course develops the learner?s language by presenting new content at various levels. The vocabulary, grammar and language structures are taught and learnt both in isolation and as integrated content. The learner learns these functions by participating in stimulating activities and exercises.
? All the vocabulary items, grammar items and language structures stipulated in the syllabus have been appropriately covered.
? Language practice platform encourages the learner to participate in active learning exhibited through oral performance.
? The writing section helps the learner to acquire skills in expressing themselves through writing. The learner is guided on how to apply varied writing functions stipulated in the syllabus.
Further practice section has been skillfully developed to enable the learner apply the language skills and experiences learnt in their environments.
? The course has varied practice exercises and activities that enhance individual and group learning.

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