Uncle John's 4-Ply Bathroom Reader

Here’s a potpourri of stimulating reading for moments when nothing but the most absorbing material will do! No more frantic searches at the last minute for that perfect magazine article. No agonizing choices between light reading and the serious stuff. This 4-ply reader has it all: entertainment, humor, education, trivia, science, history, pop culture . and more! Of course, it’s even divided by length – you can spend a minute with the Quickies, relax with Normal Length articles, or really get comfortable with long Items.
With Uncle John’s 4-Ply Bathroom Reader strategically placed in your home, you’ll settle in happily and read about:

The Origins of Common Words and Phrases

The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World

The Real Difference Between Burger King and McDonald’s

Elvis’s Letter to Richard Nixon

The Curse of King Tut

What’s in a Twinkie

Bizarre Lawsuits . and a whole lot more.

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