Topmark KCPE Revision English


Topmark KCPE Revision English is especially written to prepare pupils for their KCPE examination. The book comprehensively covers the current syllabus and has been revised and redesigned to provide an up-to-date and clearly presented source of information.

The book contains short notes and exercises at the end of each chapter to help in the revision. In addition, there are several language games in the form of crossword puzzles, which not only enhance pupils’ listening and speaking skills but also provide them with ample vocabulary. Further, there are sample test papers with answers that will help pupils be conversant with the examination format and provide continuous revision. This rare presentation makes the book a complete guide and an indispensable companion for all candidates.

This superb book is a must read for all pupils wishing to score high marks in KCPE English. The book is also a useful resource material for teachers preparing their candidates.

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