The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett


Origami Yoda has used his Jedi-wise advice to help the kids at McQuarrie Middle School conquer all sorts of enemies, from dull school dances to embarrassing water stains. But this semester, Dwight, Tommy, Sara, and the gang must face their deadliest enemy yet: the FunTime Education System. Meant to raise standardized test scores, the mind-numbing videos of Professor FunTime and his singing calculator are driving everybody crazy! And worse yet, to make time for FunTime, all electives–drama, art, band–have been canceled!

Naturally, the kids turn to Origami Yoda for help, but her tells them that this enemy is far too strong for him to fight alone. If they want to get their favorite classes back, they must form a Rebel Alliance. Soon dozens of kids, each with his or her own origami puppet, join the Alliance. But will the Force be with them–or will they be defeated by the FunTime menace?3

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