The Acts of the Apostles


“What Acts aims to do,” Dr. Barclay asserts of this important book, “is to give us a series of typical exploits and adventures of the great heroic figures of the early Church. Although the book never says so, from the earliest times Luke has been held to be its writer.” About Luke himself, it is pointed out that he was a physician and the only Gentile author in the New Testament. He wrote both his gospel and Acts to an unidentified person bearing the name of Theophilus, for the principal purpose of showing how the new faith that began so humbly in Palestine had expanded. Dr. Barclay discusses the plan in Acts, Luke’s skill as a historian, the accuracy of his sources, and the honesty with which he used them.

This book like the others in this series, shows Dr. Barclay’s great ability for clear, perceptive expression. It is full of unique insights and little-known information about the background and the early Church. Most of all it is an intimate, direct picture of Paul, the great apostle.

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