The 22 Biggest Mistakes Managers Make and How to Correct Them

Here are the 22 mistakes this management guide shows how to correct:
1. Failing to Keep Abreast of Developments in Your Own Field
2. Confining Yourself to Your Own Specialty
3. Refusing to Seek Higher Responsibility to Take Responsibility for Your Actions
4. Failure to Make Sound and Timely Decisions
5. Neglecting to Conduct Personal Inspections Properly
6. Failure to Make Sure the Job is Understood, Supervised and Accomplished
7. Wasting Time on Details or Work That Belongs to Others
8. Refusing to Assess Your Own Performance Realistically
9. Accepting the Minimum Instead of Going for the Maximum
10. Using Your Management Position for Personal Gain
11. Failure to Tell the Truth…To Always Keep Your Wrod
12. Not Setting the Personal Example for Your People to Follow
13. Trying to Be Liked Rather than Respected
14. Failing to Give Cooperation to Your Employees
15. Failing to Ask Your Subordinates for Their Advice and Help
16. Failing to Deelop a Sense of Responsibility in Your Subordinates
17. Emphasizing Rules Rather than Skills
18. Failing to Keep Your Criticism Constructive
19. Not Paying Attention to Employee Gripes and Complaints
20. Failure to Keep Your People Informed
21. Failing to Treat Your Subordinates as Individuals
22. Refusing to Train an Assistant to Take Your Place


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