Super Minds Agriculture Workbook Grade 5


by B.Mmbaka, B. Makumbi and F. Kalei

  • ISBN: 9789966565754
  • SKU: BK00000002224

SUPER MINDS Agriculture Grade 5 Workbook has been uniquely written to provide knowledge as well as develop skills for sustainable agriculture in the learners. The Workbook comprehensively covers the content in the competency-based curriculum for Grade 5. Each book in this series has been well researched and creatively written to enable learners to acquire the required competencies, skills, values, pertinent and contemporary issues as well as attitudes.
This Agriculture Workbook:
• Has a reflection section that is an introduction and a summary sub-strand section that shows what the learners have learnt in the sub strand.
• Uses a simple approach to language and presentation that is easy to follow.
• Has a variety of competency-based, learner-centered activities that help the learners develop a wide range of skills.
• Has relevant, well-drawn, full-colour illustrations that complement the activities in the book.
• Has instructions to parents, guardians, and teachers to make them involved in the continuous learning process at home and at school.
• Has an assessment criterion that helps the teachers, parents, and guardians be able to assess the learner’s acquisition of the competencies learned at school and at home.
• Has activities that allow the learners to apply the competencies that they have learnt in their daily lives.

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