Spotlight English Activities Grade 3


Spotlight English Activities Pupil’s Book Grade 3 has been uniquely designed to greatly benefit Primary Three pupils in handling New Curriculum English Activities. It comprehensively covers Primary 3 English Activities Curriculum Design as per the Competence-based Curriculum introduced by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) in 2017. It is presented in a clear. simple and precise language that makes learning interesting. Key Features of the Book: • Covers all the themes. strands, sub-strands and learning outcomes of the Primary English 3 Competence-based Curriculum. • Relevant learning experiences are provided in form of activities within the level of the learners. • All the four language skills. concepts and competences are addressed per curriculum demands. • Encourages learner-centred learning approaches by use of practical and group work activities with examples. • Attractive full colour illustrations are used to clarify language concepts. • Develops concepts by using environment and real-life experiences to foster skills. attitude and values in learners. • Numerous relevant Assessment Activities have been carefully developed per language skill. • Practice Activities are provided for each language skill to assess developed concepts for respective learning outcome. Sum It up Activities are provided at the end of theme for formative assessment. • Learner-centred approaches. discovery-based and inquiry-based activities have been applied to develop concepts. core competences, values and Pertinent Contemporary Issues (PC’s). • A Teacher’s Guide is available for this title.

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