Passionate Housewives Desperate for God: Fresh Vision for the Hopeful Homemaker

Have you struggled to reconcile God’s vision of virtuous womanhood with worldly myths that marginalize and mock the role of the homemaker? Do you wrestle with cultural messages that demean the homemaker’s calling and exalt instead the emotionally androgynous power-woman—the wife whose worth is measured only by the degree of her self-ambition, the shape of her body, or her money-making skills? Delightfully fresh and honest, “Passionate Housewives Desperate for God” debunks the modern “desperate housewife” myth and provides fresh vision for the homemaker. Hear a former “Christian” feminist share how she went from a die-hard homemaker-in-training to a dedicated career woman, and then back again—after God gripped her heart. See the hollow counterfeit of whitewashed feminism and “me-ology” destroyed. And consider the beautiful picture painted in Scripture of the truly fulfilled homemaker who glories in the hopeful calling God created for her.


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