Parenting With Purpose & African Wisdom by Dr Gladys Mwiti

Research shows that African parents seem to produce admirable resilience among their children. Their character driven style is a holistic approach founded in African ancient wisdom that encourages curiosity, self-confidence, perseverance and optimism in an effort to trying to engineer “grit,” and a measure of resilience.

This is the central theme of this book: That truly successful children have, as one of their key ingredients, purposeful parenting.

Renowned clinical psychologist and author, Dr Gladys Mwiti, captures the spirit of African parenting in her new book, making this a pertinent, relevant parenting guide for the 21st Century.

‘Parenting with Purpose & African Wisdom’ is not a recipe for success, but a relevant, thoughtful presentation of principles that make for parenting that delivers results most of the time.


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