Moran Secondary Physics – Student’s Book 3


Moran Secondary Physics – Student’s Book 3
Author: Glover
ISBN: 978 9966 945 55 6
Using the modern method higlighted in the Moran Secondary Physics, students quickly develop the scientific skills and attitudes identified in the syllabus, and they also learn the facts and principles of physics.
Throughout the books there are exercises and questions to help the students prepare for the school certificate examinations, and examples of the usefulness of physics in modern Kenya. The course will meet the needs of all Kenyan students studying physics for the KCSE examinations and beyond.
Key Features;
? Fully covers the Secondary Physics Syllabus
? Has a design with enhanced clarity for ease of use by the students
? Gives clear learning objectives for each topic, which relate to syllabus objectives
? Includes comprehensive exercises in every chapter to prepare students for KCSE examinations
? Has KCSE -style review questions at the end of every chapter to reinforce student learning
? Promotes the understanding of topical real-life issues which show the relevance of physics to modern life

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