KLB Visionary English Literacy Act Grade 1


KLB Visionary English Literacy Activities Grade 1 Learner’s Workbook is based on the new Competency-Based Curriculum. It has numerous learner-centred activities for each learning strand and sub-strand that allow the learners to discover and create knowledge through doing rather than memorizing facts. The four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are acquired through the involving activities that allow for maximum collaboration and participation among the learners.

The activities are designed in a way that enables learners to pace their own learning and even to learn from their peers. The activities in the Learners’ Workbook are tailored to develop the seven core competencies as spelt out in the new curriculum, namely communication and collaboration, self-efficacy, critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and imagination, citizenship, digital literacy and learning to learn.

Learning in this Workbook is not just confined to the classroom but continued outside the class and even in the family and community. This link to a community is maintained throughout the book. Parent/caregiver engagement is emphasized so that learning becomes a life-long endeavour that goes beyond the classroom and the normal school situation.

The Workbook has full-colour illustrations that make the content very attractive to the learners. thus making learning fun. The language used in the book is simple and easy to understand. This makes the desired learning outcomes easy to achieve without undue difficulty to the learners. This is one book that makes learning fun and learning concepts easy to grasp.

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