International Criminal Law : Critical Introduction


by Zahar, Sluiter, Oxford 9780406959041

ISBN: 9780406959041SKU: 2020201000207
International Criminal Law is an essential guide to the relatively recent, but rapidly growing field of international criminal justice. Written by leading practitioner-academics directly involved with the International Criminal Tribunals, this book provides students with an invaluable insight into the key features of international criminal law and practice.Zahar and Sluiter offer an analysis of the tribunals’ place in the international legal order and the most important aspects of their substantive law and procedure from an entirely new and critical perspective. Legal doctrines are discussed throughout in relation to their application in real-life situations, encouraging students to engage critically with the subject and relate theory to practice.An ideal companion for students of international criminal law and justice who are seeking an insider’s perspective on the subject, this book also offers practitioners, academics and policy-makers a clear and challenging account of the new legal landscape.

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