I Will Be Your Substitute


I will be your substitute is an attention-grabbing novel set in Nairobi and its environs. The story revolves around the turbulent life of Nyokabi, the main character. An only child, Nyokabiis orphaned a tender age when her parents perish in a tragic road accident, leaving the task of her upbringing to her wealthy but ailing aunt,Waithera. But with her aunt’s demise, Nyokabi goes through trying moments of mental turmoil; accentuated by an abortive wedding. She eventually settles for an Asian husband in marriage which heralds a strong case for racial harmony in a country where various races must co-exist.

Pat Wamboi Ngurukie was born in 1948, in Nyeri, Kenya. She completed her High School Education at Nakuru Secondary School on 1968, before working as a secretary. She later studied French, Journalism and Public Relations. She has also authored three other novels: Soldier’s Wife. Businessman’s Wife and Tough Choices.

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