I Held the Sun in My Hands: A Memoir

“I Held the Sun in My Hands” is the story of a young girl raised in a traditional Jewish family in Hungary prior to and during WWII. When Germany occupied Hungary on March 19th, 1944, Erika Jacoby was deported to Auschwitz, together with her mother. She was among the youngest that escaped the selection of Dr .Mengele and together with her mother, who was among the oldest, she endured and outlasted the atrocities and deprivations of the Nazi persecutors. In her book she describes how the teachings and values that she absorbed and incorporated into her life in her home helped her survive Auschwitz and the other concentration camps. She writes movingly about her painful disappointments in the behavior of her fellow human beings, while never losing her faith in God. This unshakable trust in the divine personal protection inspired others as well not to give up hope. In her memoir we witness how this young girl took upon herself the enormous responsibility for her mother’s survival, and the impact of that on their relationship after the war and, indeed, throughout their lives. The author, a clinical social worker, examines this relationship with much insight and compassion. This book is a remarkable account of one person’s resiliency, ability to cope with adversity and survive not only physically but also spiritually.


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