How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery


Robin Jean Brown understands firsthand the deep bond that can develop between person and animal. She’s not some cold psychologist, but rather a pet owner herself who dealt with her own painful journey through the grieving process. She found that there wasn’t a lot of help for her. Other books are either too cold and clinical…or they’re too sad, and just make you cry harder. And none of them had workbook-style questions to guide her through her journey.

So Robin wrote the guide herself – to deal with your grief, effectively and step by step. She is personal, empathetic, and comforting – yet at the same time she’ll help you move through your grief. Her special book will introduce you to a revolutionary way of coping with pet loss. Robin developed and delicately refined a 4 step technique for coping with pet loss that she coined “ROAR”.

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