How to Raise an Adopted Child


The Ultimate Resource Book for Adoptive Families

Adoption is an act of love. But it is successful only when parents are prepared to deal with the special needs and circumstances of the adopted child. Judith Schaffer and Christina Lindstrom, both psychotherapists, one an adoptive parent, use their extensive experience to create a comprehensive guide that anticipates practically every situation that adoptive parents can encounter. They provide compassionate, tested advice for parents before, during, and after the adoption. The book includes resources such as:

· A unique age-correlated guide that highlights both physical and psychological developments from birth through adolescence;
· Special advice for single adoptive parents, multiracial families, and children who have special needs;
· Specific guidelines for how and when to tell children they are adopted;
· Real help in handling the bigotry often expressed against children of interracial adoption;
· Suggested responses to comments and unwelcome advice from strangers, neighbors, and family;
· Answers to the questions parents most often ask at each stage of rearing an adopted child;
· Ways to handle a child’s request to find their birth parents;
· And more!

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