Hare and Nurse

The story reinforces the theme of health/ the hospital. Once in a while, children engage in play and after using a lot of their energy, they feel so hungry and go looking for food. This is what happened to hare. After playing, he feels so hungry and runs into the house to find food. Hare is so hungry that he forgets to wash his hands. He eats with dirty hands! He eats bread, carrots, sweets and drinks milk. Soon, he starts feeling sick. Hare goes to the hospital where he meets nurse. Nurse checks his body weight and eye sight and recommends his healthy eyes and weight to eating healthy foods. But hare?s teeth are not healthy because he eats a lot of sweets. His poop too has a lot of germs because he eats with dirty hands. However, Nurse treats Hare. Hare knows that he should not eat a lot of sweets and he should always wash his hands before eating so that he does not fall sick.


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