Guide to Understanding Your Bible

Many Christians long for a deeper understanding of the Bible but lack an effective method of study. Others feel that in-depth Bible knowledge requires more time than they can afford. In this book, internationally known speaker, author, and Christian apologist Josh McDowell shares his own method of getting into the heart of the Bible?a method that you can tailor to fit your own schedule. He leads you through three simple steps you can apply to all Scripture to elicit the deeper understanding you?ve always wanted. Step 1: How to ?See It.? A Guide to Observation Step 2: How to ?Know It.? A Guide to Interpretation Step 3: How to ?Do It.? A Guide to Application Within each step, McDowell guides you through the use of charts, illustrations, and diagrams, giving you a clear picture of what you can accomplish by applying these study methods. In addition, he guides you in the selection and use of such study helps as commentaries, concordances, Bible dictionaries, Bible translations, computer programs, and other aids to Bible study. Whether you?re a Bible teacher, a small group leader, a searcher, or merely a Christian who wants to dig deeper, this book will help you become a more discerning student of Scripture.


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