Great Minds Mathematics Activities Grade 3 TG


Author: Joash Wamalwa
Publisher: East African Educational Publishers
Year: First published 2018
ISBN: 978-9966-56-390-3

Teacher’s Guide

This Teacher’s Guide comprehensively explains the content in Great Minds Mathematics Activities Grade 1 Pupil’s Book. The key features of this Teacher’s Guide include:

  • A comprehensive introduction that covers the following areas:
    • Description of the features of the competency-based curriculum.
    • Explanation of child-centred learning.
    • Detailed sample scheme of work, lesson plan and record of work.
    • Suggestions on teaching learners with special needs.
  • Introduction and detailed notes for the teacher in each sub-strand.
  • Elaborate teaching and learning steps for the various concepts.
  • Adequate assessment methods and tools including assessment rubrics.
  • A description of the competencies expected to be developed in each sub-strand.
  • Well-defined relationship between each sub-strand and PCIs in society.
  • Answers to all questions in the Learner’s Book.

The authors of this book are teachers with long-standing experience in teaching mathematics.

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