Fun With CRE Activities PP1 PB


EAEP Fun with CRE Activities PP1 (Appr)


  • ISBN: 9789966562784
  • SKU: 2010130000383

EAEP is pleased to introduce the exciting and enjoyable Fun with series.

Fun with Christian Religious Education Activities Pre-Primary 1, Pupils Book, is presented in a simple way that is easy to understand and in language that learners at this level will identify with.

The authors of this book ensured the curriculum design is fully covered as they simplified different concepts to suit the learners level.

The book offers among other features:

  • Relevant and well drawn full-color illustrations.
  • A variety of competency-based learning activities and,
  • Instructions to parents or guardians, that enables them to fully participate in the development of skills and values in the learners.

This book will introduce learners to the joy of learning as they begin their journey in education.

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