Fright Time #3


TERROR TOWN – Jack Kelly
When Matt takes over his older brother’s paper route, he takes on something else too, something that has him running for his life. Something that’s turning once normal neighbors into monsters, that’s turning the pre-dawn town into a nightmare. Is that something Matt’s scary new customer – or someone even closer to Matt himself?

MEDAL OF HORROR – Susan L. Williams
Eric and his kid brother Ben both love to swim, but a near-drowning accident has them both scared, especially when Ben tells Eric someone was pulling him down in the pond near their new home. Only Ben can see the ghost-boy, but Eric knows the strange and scary story is true. Then the other accidents start, accidents too deadly dangerous to ignore!

KID WILLIE’S GHOST – Paul Buchanan
A haunted baseball park is only the beginning of Jeff’s problems. When the ghost follows him home, the terror really begins! A ballplayer who disappeared twenty years before may be his only hope. But can Jeff find him in time to stop his home-town park from turning into a field of nightmares?


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