Flashes of Vice: Vol III

‘Flashes of Vice: Vol III’ depicts society’s ills through flash fiction stories: terrorism, sexual relations, conspiracies, why aliens have beef with humans and the scars of war.

It is a collection of flash fiction stories showing terrorists that the 72 virgins in heaven is a hoax, Allah Himself confirming there are no 72 (sic) houris up there, the untold stories of secret military program that was the Egerton mosquitoes in Nakuru and stories of aliens planning to invade the earth amid conspiracies to control the world population through Zika Virus.

The stories begin and end without warning: like ‘Allah’s Open Letter to Terrorists’, or the story of the virgin girl who vowed never ever to have sex with terrorists in heaven. Or the serial killer military widow who kills her dead husband’s friends for revenge. Or the untold story of Jesus’s resurrection in ‘How Did the Dead Escape?’.

The stories take you into the future, a flash of alien invasion on earth, and the all-time-juicy conspiracies to make the world a better place.

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