Fan into Flame


From an early age, John Gatu yearns for and cherishes his independence At the end of his primary school education instead of joining a teacher training college young Gaul opts to travel to Nairobi believing a better world awaited him there Much later after scratching hard he discovers this better world when he joins the army Serving in Ethiopia and Somaliland and finally traveling to London for the Victory Parade thrills young Gatti despite the dangers involved It is at the peak of his career in the military and after receiving the most coveted awards that John Gatu makes another decision to retire from the army and work closer home Gatu the civilian engages in different jobs before working as a clerk at Kambili Mission Church. It had nothing to do with my Christian faith it was purely for the salary and my desire to work and live near my family he confesses. It was during his service at Kambui that he encountered the flame that continues to burn in him as he allows himself to be used to transform others. Fan into Flame is a multilayered narrative with the nuances of a thriller as the author unveils dramatic events that took place when he was a soldier in Ethiopia and the serenity that he encounters after his rebirth…

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