Ekas Colouring Book 2


Children see many things in their surroundings. These things make them curious and they start asking questions about them. With the aim to help children understand the world around, we have come out with our Ekas Colouring Series. It is important to know how this series can be useful for children.

  •  Its large and beautiful pictures draw attention of children and encourage them to colour the pictures using simple colours.
  •  It helps children make choices between the things they like or dislike by colouring and later drawing them.
  •  It develops their motor skills and improves their hand-eye coordination, which is very important in developing the writing skills of children.
  •  It helps children know how to make comparison between different shapes, sizes and patterns, thus it promotes their logical and analytical bent of mind.
  •  It inspires children possess good colouring skills, because if they colour a perfect square or circle or any other shape, their ability to identify various things increases.
  •  It fosters their imagination and lets them pay attention to the objects to be coloured by them.

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