Dash before Dusk


This is a compelling account of the life and times of Joe Khamisi, a Kenyan slave descendant whose ancestors were taken captive by Arab traders from Nyasaland and Tanganyika, rescued at sea by the British and settled at Rabai, a slave encampment along the east coast of Africa.
Khamisi takes the reader – in a style that is refreshing, descriptive and smooth – from his early life in a single parent home in a Mombasa slum, to his extraordinary experience in five foreign countries: USA, France, Namibia, Tanzania and Ethiopia.
In his fast-moving autobiography, Khamisi, a former journalist, diplomat and politician, narrates the significant contribution former slaves and their descendants made in the transformation of Kenya into an independent state and their continuing struggle for recognition.
Dash Before Dusk is a must read for all those who want to be inspired by a man who rose from a junior clerk with limited education to become a Foreign Service Officer in the Kenya Government; Editor-in-Chief of the Express and The Business Times newspapers in Tanzania; Managing Director of the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation; and a Member of Parliament

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