Canoeing (Outdoor Adventures Series)

Join the millions who have already discovered the fun and excitement of canoeing–this complete guide shows you how. From canoeing skills to an entire section on great destinations, Canoeing provides all the information you need to get a lifetime of enjoyment out of this great outdoor activity.

Laurie Gullion, an expert instructor and experienced canoe tour guide, makes it so easy for you to learn the basics that you’ll want to start canoeing right away. Using an upbeat and engaging writing style, she discusses:

– choosing the right equipment,
– guidelines for safe canoeing, and
– flexibility and strengthening exercises for canoeists.

Gullion also explains the fundamental strokes and maneuvers that will allow you to paddle flatwater rivers and lakes efficiently and safely. With the help of dozens of full-color photos, you’ll learn to execute the draw, pry, forward and reverse sweeps, forward stroke, and J stroke. Plus, you’ll learn how to rescue yourself, others, and gear after a capsize.

But Canoeing is much more than a “”how-to”” book that you will use only a few times. It’s loaded with reference information that has lasting value for even experienced canoeists. You’ll find checklists that will help you organize single and multi-day canoe trips. You’ll also find suggestions for trips to some of the best canoeing destinations around the world, including information on:

– prevailing weather conditions,
– sights to see,
– paddling distance and difficulty,
– camping facilities, and
– passport and permit needs.

For those who want to get serious about canoeing, this book shows you how to determine if you’re ready to tackle whitewater runs, enter racing competitions, or try alternative forms of paddling such as sea kayaking and river kayaking. You’ll also find listings and descriptions of canoeing videotapes and books, information about canoeing periodicals, and addresses for canoeing governing bodies around the world.

This book is part of the Outdoor Pursuits Series from Human Kinetics. Like all the books in the series, Canoeing emphasizes safety, environmental responsibility, and–most of all–the fun of outdoor activity!

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