Bridging the English Learner Achievement Gap


n spite of decades of school reform, the achievement gap between English learners and English-proficient students has narrowed little. This book introduces a Reform Sustainability Framework that focuses on the examination of fundamental school structures required to ensure English learner success while guiding the school leader in handling the reform terrain deftly. This reform-navigation tool identifies patterns and trends in the deployment of a reform and subsequently allows leaders to make necessary adjustments to extend, accelerate, or terminate a given reform. Bridging the English Learner Achievement Gap offers a compelling, research-grounded way for schools with an English learner population to successfully educate their students.

Book Features:

  • Highlights the leadership challenge of meeting the academic needs of English Learners.
  • Introduces a step-by-step process for educators at any level to ensure reform sustainability.
  • Examines the processes, tools, and structures needed to anchor successful school reform.

“Bridging the English Learner Achievement Gap tackles fundamental structural issues that educators must be aware of and address in order to sustain necessary reform for student success. The special features, such as the Test Your Knowledge and Leadership Compass sections, facilitate engagement and offer practical applications to help school leaders address the needs of English learners. I highly recommend this work to school and district leaders.”
—Parvin Ahmadi, superintendent, Pleasanton Unified School District, California

“It has been the upmost pleasure to have had the ability to work with Ray Garcia over the past 5 years. His wealth of knowledge and vision of education for all students (especially in relation to English learners) has become a cornerstone for our efforts to increase academic equity at Santa Clara High School. His expertise, compassion, and dedication to providing curricular access for EL students have helped us reach students that we were previously underserving.”
—David Grissom, principal, Santa Clara High School, California

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