Bridging the English Learner Achievement Gap: Essential Lessons for School Leaders


Despite decades of school reform, the achievement gap between English learners and English-proficient students has narrowed little. This book introduces a reform sustainability framework that focuses on the examination of fundamental school structures required to ensure English learner success. The framework helps school leaders to deftly navigate the reform terrain, identify patterns and trends in the deployment of reforms, and make necessary adjustments to extend, accelerate, or terminate a given reform. Bridging the English Learner Achievement Gap offers a compelling, research-grounded way for schools with an English learner population to successfully educate their students.

Book Features:

Highlights the leadership challenge of meeting the academic needs of English Learners. Introduces a step-by-step process for educators at any level to ensure reform sustainability. Examines the processes, tools, and structures needed to anchor successful school reform.

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