Breakthrough Workbook Science Book 7


Breakthrough Workbook Science Book 7
Author: Muguti
ISBN: 978 9966 342 85 0
The Breakthrough Workbooks series is developed by experienced classroom teachers and fully meets the needs of both pupils and teachers. It also gives parents a chance to stay involved in their children?s educational growth thus help in reinforcing classroom skills at home

Key Features;
? Challenging exercises and model papers to sharpen pupil?s examination ? answering skills
? Encourage independent evaluation: Pupils can do exercises alone thus promoting skill retention
? ?Do you remember? section helps pupils to revise work previously learnt
? The ?Know More? section adequately covers emerging and current issues in the society
? Creative activities to develop and sharpen the pupil?s creativity and knowledge of their environment
? Provide materials to parents who want to evaluate the progress of their children
? Strengthens teacher-parent relationship as they combine efforts in helping learners with their work

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