Breakthrough Workbook Geography Form 2


Breakthrough Workbook Geography Form 2 is specifically developed to meet not only the needs of students and teachers but also give parents a chance to stay involved in their children?s education.
The benefits of Breakthrough Workbooks are:
? Help the student in understanding the concepts learnt in class by answering the numerous challenging questions under ?self-check quiz? section.
? Ecourage independent evaluation: students can do exercises alone thus promoting skill development and retention.
? The ?jog your mind? section encourages deeper thinking by the student.
? Model exam papers covering the whole syllabus help the student prepare for KCSE and other exams.
? Comprehensively cover the syllabus content, level by level: guaranteeing success in KCSE
? Contain sufficient objective to objective revision and self assessment exercises
? Effective tools for Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) on opening/entry, mid and end of term exams to boost value added progress (VAP)
? Offer students a unique opportunity to work independently at home and in school
? Contain answers to enable students evaluate themselves
? Written by experienced practicing teachers and examiners

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