ARC Home Science Activities Learner’s Book 4

ARC Home Science Activities Learner’s Book 4
Author : Mida et al
ISBN : 978 9966 828 50 7
ARC Home Science Learner?s Book Grade 4 delivers the following benefits to the learners:
? Learners will develop and grow in competencies and skills in Home Science because the book follows the competency based curriculum and delivery method.
? Learners will find themselves immersed in various enjoyable and practical activities that will help them gain actual, hands on competencies and skills.
? ARC Home Science has Take Home activities that will keep the learner challenged and engaged even after they have left school for home. This will ensure better recall and better performance.
? Learners will work in twos or in groups ensuring a growing appreciation of team work and co-operation, and also helping to carry along all the learners so that no learner is left behind.

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