Full of easy-to-do experiments and descriptive illustrations, each book in the series focuses on a certain aspect of science. From magnetism and electricity to chemical reactions, the inventive experiments help transform complicated theories and concepts into easily understood ideas. Supports the national science education standards Unifying Concepts and Processes: Systems, Order, and Organization; Unifying Concepts and Processes: Evidence, Models, and Explanation; Unifying Concepts and Processes: Constancy, Change, and Measurement; Unifying Concepts and Processes: Form and Function; Science as Inquiry; and Physical Science as outlined by the National Academics of Science and endorsed by the National Science Teachers Association. How does sound travel through the air? Why does a plane that weighs thousands of pounds fly through the air, but something that weighs very little, like a feather, drops to the ground? Discover the answers to these questions and more in this informative guide.



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