A Curse From God

With such a superstitious second wife, fourteen children, no land, and rejection of Christian tradition of sobriety and self-control, Karugu becomes a big “boozer”. He turns into a woman-hitter and child-murderer, who finally takes his own life ” …. the people in this novel seem to be casualties of war, psychologically maimed in a terrible struggle with nature, with man, and with God ….. At its best, Ngubiah’s style, blezik and emphatic, conveys the horror of a frontline report from a long and bitter siege.”

Stephen Ngubiah was born in 1936 at Gatundu, Kiambu. He trained as a P3 teacher and taught in several schools where he rose to an SI teacher. After passing private examinations, he was admitted to the University of Nairobi in I 968, where he studied for a B.A. degree in English.



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