12 Ways to Experience More with Your Husband


Your marriage isn’t broken, but it doesn’t seem to

be growing, either. Where’s the spark and passion

you experienced as newlyweds? Butterflies in

your stomach, your spouse’s undivided attention,

the anticipation of spending time together…how

can your marriage ever get back to that place?

That spark is still there, waiting to be fanned into

a lasting flame! Let noted author and speaker

Cindi McMenamin show you the small changes

you can make to touch your husband’s heart ina

big way. Through gentle guidance, you’ll be

encouraged to try seven new ways

to “switch it up’ at home

respond to your spouse in ways that intrigue

him and see the bigger picture when

misunderstandings arise

Renew and reglue your relationship as you

discover how to strengthen your marriage and

reignite the passion you and your husband once


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