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  • Elijah

    In the days when Ahab was King of Israel, a lot of sinful things happened. There was too much worship of idols. King Ahab and his wife, Jezebel, had forced all the people into worshipping Baal.

  • Elisha

    Elisha became Elijah’s replacement as a prophet of God. No sooner had Elijah been taken up in heaven, than Elisha struck the water of the Jordan with his cloak. The water divided making way for Elisha to cross the river.

  • Finders, Keepers

    Jackton Kadenge is on his way to visit his wife when he switches his bag with Njoka?s. Both men are fleeing from something and their hope is in their bags. While Njoka is a criminal on the run, Kadenge is a heavily indebted man. What is it that these men are carrying in their bags? How does this switch affect their lives and those of the people closer to them?
    Finders, Keepers is a thrilling story, captivating and at the same time full of irony.

  • Ezichi Gets a Hobby

    Ezichi is spending her holiday at Grandma Adaku?s house, but she is bored. Grandma tells her about an enchanted attic and Ezichi finds a book with the strangest little squares. Read on to find out how she turns those mystery squares into a fun hobby! Ezichi gets a hobby is part of Skills and Hobbies Readers series.

  • Ezekiel

    Ezekiel heard a little rustle, and then a louder rattle, and then so much clacking and rattling. He could barely hear himself think! As he watched, bones began sorting themselves out and attaching themselves to each other.

  • Eva’s Nails

    Eva is a girl who has long beautiful nails. However, she is so busy with her day-to-day life that she does not clean the dirt from under her nails. Eva is playing with her friends when something happens. Read on to find out what happens and how Eva changes her habits. Eva’s nails is part of Living Health Readers series.

  • Esther

    Moran Bible Stories retells familiar stories of the Bible in the simplest manner while remaining true to the text in the Bible. They invite the child to grow in values and discover the principles that build character. Each story ends with moral lessons that help the reader to discover the practical application of the respective stories in real life.

  • Eto Makes a Splash

    It is a dry season and Ginika, the little sparrow is upset when all her friends begin leaving the forest because the water in the lake is drying up. Eto, the giraffe thinks of an idea to help save the forest and his friends! Let us read and find out what he does to save the forest. Eto makes a splash is part of Our World Readers series.

  • Enofe Learns to Sing

    On his first day at the ?Feathers and Fur High School?, Enofe sings in class, but the other animals laugh at him. Enofe is sad. Will he go back to school? Will he learn to sing well? Read the story to find out. Enofe learns to sing is part of Skills and Hobbies Readers series.

  • Echoes of a Whisper

    Despite the good advice given,Oscar prefers his own counsel.He falls for Terry’s doctrine and the life she introduces him to. Oscar is blinded by money and the lifestyle that Terry offers.

  • Do You Want a Tree?

    Carefully written levelled with controlled text to enhance reading. Recommended for Pre-Primary 1 and 2

  • Dirty Abebi

    Abebi, a happy little girl, loves to play outdoors and does not mind getting a little dirty. Everyone calls her ?Dirty Abebi?. The school talents? day is coming up and Abebi wants to audition for it. Does she get the part she is longing for? What prevents her? Read on to find out! Dirty Abebi is part of Living Health Readers series.

  • Doctor in a Mirror

    Annabel is in trouble. It is that season again. Daktari, the old woman who lives in a small hut is prepared for the job she is well known for. Annabel sees a doctor in herself and does not want to be operated on by the village doctor.

  • Dollmaker Bunny

    Bunny, is happy collecting wood for Mr. Adbole. However, he also has a secret talent. Bunny loves to carve dolls out of the spare wood. What will happen when Mr. Adbole finds out that Bunny has used all the collected wood to make dolls? Read on to find out. Dollmaker Bunny is part of Skills and Hobbies Readers series.

  • Dress for the Party

    Carefully written levelled with controlled text to enhance reading. Recommended for Pre-Primary 1 and 2

  • Dwarf Long Nose

    A story of an honest cobbler, his wife and their son Charlie who sat by his mother?s side in the market-place, and acted as an errand boy to the house-wives and cooks who made large purchases from his mother.

  • Eat and Work

    The story teaches the theme of food we eat in a child friendly way. Children are shown eating different foods at different times. Between the meals, children are engaged in activities such as helping in the house, reading and playing. However, the author acknowledges how children get carried away when it comes to play time. She uses this opportunity of ?eat and play? to instill a sense of responsibility. Children go to play before they keep the remaining food in the right place. When they are engrossed in play, the domestic animals (dog and cat) eat the food. They suddenly realise their mistake and stop playing to keep the plates in the right place.

  • Chapu chapu

    Chapuchapu alipenda kufanya kila kitu kwa haraka. Je, haraka yake itamsaidia?

  • Chiku and the Factory

    Chiku and her friends live in the forest. However, their happy home is in ruins when a factory comes up next to it. Together, Chiku and her friends come up with a plan to save their home and make the air clean again. Read the story to find out! Chiku and the factory is part of Our World Readers series.

  • Chinue’s Holiday Job

    It is school holiday but Chinue is bored. While looking for something to do, she comes up on Mr. Tailorbird who has hurt his hand. Will Chinue be able to help him? Will Mr. Tailorbird accept her help? Read on to find out. Chinue’s holiday job is part of Skills and Hobbies Readers series.