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  • Holes of Shame

    Do you know that life can have so many twists? Huru is shocked when her twin brothers tell her in the eye that she is not their sister because she was bought from the hospital. Her life and sense of family is shattered by this revelation.

  • How Michael Became a Land Owner

    This is a story of a young male orphan called Michael who used to work on a rich man’s farm. He was so faithful and
    hardworking that the landlord grew fond of him.

  • Hidaya Yangu

    Hidaya Yangu ni hadithi ya Dena ya kujisaka ili kujielewa anapojipata anatapatapa katika ulimwengu uliojaa masaibu mengi, ubaguzi na maudhi ya kutokuwa na mama wala baba.
    Ni hadithi ya kuchukiza, kuliza na hata Kutamausha. Hata hivyo, Dena anasimama kidete na kupigana dhidi ya changamoto za maisha kufa kupona. Anakataa kukubali kushindwa licha ya doa la usuli wake. Ni hadithi inayosisitiza ukweli kwamba Mungu akikupa kilema hukupa na mwendo pia.
    Ni hadithi iliyo na mvuto mkubwa unapoisoma, Inasisimua, inadara, inahoji na wakati huo huo inakushawishi na kukupa ari ya kuisoma tena na tena. Imesimuliwa kiufundi ili kuangazia kinaya na hadaa ziandamazo maisha ya mwanadamu kila uchao

  • Hekaya za Hekima

    Hekaya za Hekima ni mkusanyo wa hadithi fupifupi za kufunza maadili. Hadithi hizi zilichapishwa asilia katika Kitabu cha Kihind Panchatantra. Kitabu hicho kiliandikwa na Vishnu Sharma. Kilichapishwa katika Karne ya tatu Kabla ya Enzi ya Pamoja (B.C.E)
    Tangu kuchapishwa kwake, inaaminika kimetafsiriwa katika zaidi ya lugha hamsini za ulimwengu. Hadithi zilizomo katika Hekaya za Hekima zilitolewa katika tafsiri ya Panchatantra ya Kiarabu Kalila na Dimna.
    Kitabu kimesheheni mafunzo mengi. Pamoja na mafunzo hayo msomaji ataburudishwa na matendo ya wahusika mbalimbali

  • Hen and Her Eggs

    These level of readers has controlled vocabulary, language structures, illustrations and suitable sentences for Grade 2 and above

  • Heidi

    Heidi by Johanna Spyri, is the
    classic story of an orphan girl who
    lives with her grandfather in the
    Swiss Alps. Through the innocence
    and unconditional love that little
    Heidi shows to all those around
    her, she is able to transform the
    lives of those around her.

  • Hare and Nurse

    The story reinforces the theme of health/ the hospital. Once in a while, children engage in play and after using a lot of their energy, they feel so hungry and go looking for food. This is what happened to hare. After playing, he feels so hungry and runs into the house to find food. Hare is so hungry that he forgets to wash his hands. He eats with dirty hands! He eats bread, carrots, sweets and drinks milk. Soon, he starts feeling sick. Hare goes to the hospital where he meets nurse. Nurse checks his body weight and eye sight and recommends his healthy eyes and weight to eating healthy foods. But hare?s teeth are not healthy because he eats a lot of sweets. His poop too has a lot of germs because he eats with dirty hands. However, Nurse treats Hare. Hare knows that he should not eat a lot of sweets and he should always wash his hands before eating so that he does not fall sick.

  • Hannah and Tabitha

    God is not selfish. These stories teach us that God answers our prayers. Hannah did not have a child.
    What did God do when Hannah prayed?
    Tabitha was very kind to people.
    What did God do when she died?

  • Haki ya Ruto

    Mzee Tamaa alisikia sauti ya
    Mwalimu Rose. Alitoka na
    kuwakaribia Ruto na Mwalimu Rose.
    ?Wewe ni nani na unafanya nini hapa
    kwangu?? Mzee Tamaa alimwuliza
    Mwalimu Rose kwa ukali.

  • Gulliver’s Travels

    Gulliver?s Travels is the story of
    Gulliver, a trained surgeon and
    his journeys around the world
    to many fantastical places. He
    visits places like Lilliput?a land
    of miniature people and helps
    them win a major victory over
    their enemy.

  • Great Expectations

    Great Expectations by Charles
    Dickens is the experiences of
    the orphan Pip. It is a profound
    story of tragedy and great
    triumph and offers the reader,
    a glimpse into the city of London
    and how people lived at that time

  • Grand Pa, Who is Kakai?

    Moran Integrity Readers is a series carefully written and illustrated interesting stories that enhance integrity and life skills of the reader. Readers get an opportunity to read, enjoy and learn language and life lessons with a purpose of establishing a virtuous society.

  • Gogo Joins Ballet

    Gogo, the giraffe is taller than the other animals of the forest. He is lonely but meets new friends and learns something new. Will Gogo be excited and happy? Read on to find out. Gogo joins ballet is part of Skills and Hobbies Readers series.

  • Gideon

    Gideon thinks he is inferior because he comes from the most inferior clan of Israel. The Midianites and Amalekites have been oppressing Israel for seven years.

  • Funky Food

    Abebi loves to eat spicy and tangy food off the carts in the street. Her coach and mother cannot get her to stop. Will Abebi learn to eat healthy? Read on to find out. Funky food is part of Living Health Readers series.

  • Fun at Home

    The story teaches the theme: Home. Tom and pat are at home with their parents. In the story, children learn the responsibilities they can engage in like cleaning the table after meals. After this, Tom and Pat go out playing in the homestead but as they are playing, they feel hot and remove their sweaters. Soon it is late and mother calls them to come to the house. Their play is interrupted. They go home. Oops! They forgot to pick the sweaters they had removed during play. Children are fond of losing other things but not toys. They come to mother carrying their toys. Mother sends them to get their sweaters before they can bathe.

  • Frankeinstein

    Victor Frankenstein is a young
    Swiss scientist who makes
    an amazing and frightening
    discovery?how to create a human
    being from the parts of dead
    bodies. But the consequences
    of his discovery and his unkind,
    selfi sh behavior are terrible.

  • For Mbatha and Rabeka

    Country-bred Mbatha and Rabeka are childhood sweethearts and seem destined for each other. Rabeka meets the sophisticated Mawa while in a hospital in Nairobi. This meeting creates dramatic consequences.

  • Elisha and the Kind Woman in Shunem

    Elisha was a prophet of God. Every time he went to Shunem, he visited a rich woman?s house. This woman lived with her husband. The woman and her husband liked Elisha a lot. They built a room for him. Elisha would rest in this room whenever he was in Shunem.
    What did Elisha do to the rich woman in Shunem?
    Why should we be kind to other people?