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  • The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham by Esther & Jerry Hicks

    You’ve most likely heard the saying “Like attracts like,” “Birds of a feather flock together,” or “It is done unto you as you believe” (a belief is only a thought you keep thinking); and although the Law of Attraction has been alluded to by some of the greatest teachers in history, it has never before been explained in as clear and practical terms as in this latest book by New York Times best-selling authors, Esther and Jerry Hicks.

    Learn here about the omnipresent Laws that govern this Universe and how to make them work to your advantage. The understanding that you’ll achieve by reading this book will take all the guesswork out of daily living. You’ll finally understand just about everything that’s happening in your own life as well as in the lives of those you’re interacting with. This book will help you to joyously be, do, or have anything that you desire!

  • Heaven at Home: Establishing and Enjoying a Peaceful Home Ginger Plowman

    Learn to prepare your home to be a haven where spirits are renewed, dreams are nurtured, and the best of life is lived. Nestle your family into a warm and welcoming refuge by learning how to establish and enjoy a peaceful home.

  • Winning the Battle of Destiny By Dr. Ladi Ogabo

    This book needs to be read by anyone who desperately desires a change of situations in his/her life

    “Winning the battles of destiny: Conquering the foundational strongholds,” should be instinctively attractive to any knowledgeable Christian. I mean those Christians who are not bogged down by humanistic philosophy of disputation or drowning in the bliss ignorance of episcopal feeding bottles thrust into their throats with their willing accomplice. An informed Christian most likely filled with the Holy Ghost and led by the Holy Spirit (Roman 8:14) will be attuned with nearly every word written in the handy book.
    The simplicity of the narrative, yet with the profundity of in-depth analysis and real-life occurrences with relevant biblical references, makes the book very interesting to read. Nothing is complicated even when the truth is not colored with any foreign garb to make it acceptable. It is unapologetically truthful.

  • Crusader Hymns`and Hymn Stories by Billy Graham Team

    I listen to contemporary christian music from time to time. They don’t compare to the artistry and feeling that went into the old hymns. It is next to impossible to find a church that uses hymnals anymore. I think these songs need to be preserved. The Billy Graham Team did an excellent job choosing songs, compiling biographies and stories about the authors of the hymns contained in this book.

  • The Overcoming Life by Dwight L. Moody

    Much in this life contends to master us–sin, the flesh, the devil, even mere distractions. But Christ promised and the apostles confirmed that believers would live lives characterized by overcoming. Yet many Christians miss out on the victorious life Christ won for them because they are trapped in guilt and shame, immobilized by fear, or stuck in old patterns of thinking.

    This classic work from legendary Bible teacher and evangelist Dwight L. Moody shows believers how they can have confidence in Christ’s call on their lives, and thus experience the full joy of the Lord, both in this life and the next.

  • Memory Builders: Easy Exercises to Sharpen Your Memory by Frank Minirth

    As we age, we may look and feel younger than our parents’ generation–60 is the new 40, after all–but mental decline can begin as early as age 30, and it will impact everyone at some point. The good news is, just as diet and exercise can keep aging bodies healthier, the proper mental regimen can slow–even reverse–the deterioration of our mental capacity. In this practical and hopeful book, Dr. Frank Minirth gives you trustworthy scientific insights, helpful assessments to measure mental sharpness, and proven strategies to preserve focus, memory, and brainpower at any age. Each chapter includes brain boosters, exercises, and challenges, as well as engaging personal stories.

  • Fascinating Womanhood

    How to Make Your Marriage a Lifelong Love Affair What makes a woman fascinating to her husband? What is happiness in marriage for a woman? These are just two of the questions Helen B. Andelin answers in the bestselling classic that has already brought new happiness and life to millions of marriages. Fascinating Womanhood offers timeless wisdom, practical advice, and old-fashioned values to meet the needs and challenges of today’s fascinating woman. Inside you’ll learn: ∑ What traits today’s men find irresistible in a woman
    ∑ How to awaken a man’s deepest feelings of love
    ∑ Eight rules for a successful relationship
    ∑ How to rekindle your love life
    ∑ How to bring out the best in your man–and reap the rewards
    ∑ Plus special advice for the working woman–and much more! Fascinating Womanhood offers guidance for a new generation of women–happy, fulfilled, adored and cherished–who want to rediscover the magic of their own feminine selves.

  • COUPLE POWER by Grace Kimathi

    Do you desire to stay married as God intended you to be or have you just said “I DO!” to the love of your life?

    Couple Power will inspire you, challenge you, and motivate you, the reader, to have a happy and working relationship with your spouse by applying the power of working together.

  • Parenting With Purpose & African Wisdom by Dr Gladys Mwiti

    Research shows that African parents seem to produce admirable resilience among their children. Their character driven style is a holistic approach founded in African ancient wisdom that encourages curiosity, self-confidence, perseverance and optimism in an effort to trying to engineer “grit,” and a measure of resilience.

    This is the central theme of this book: That truly successful children have, as one of their key ingredients, purposeful parenting.

    Renowned clinical psychologist and author, Dr Gladys Mwiti, captures the spirit of African parenting in her new book, making this a pertinent, relevant parenting guide for the 21st Century.

    ‘Parenting with Purpose & African Wisdom’ is not a recipe for success, but a relevant, thoughtful presentation of principles that make for parenting that delivers results most of the time.

  • The Power of a Praying Woman by Stormie Omartian

    It doesn’t matter what age you are, what your marital status is, what the condition of your body and soul is, or how long you have not been a believer- if you are a woman, this book is for you. It’ll help you be stronger and more vigilant in praying for yourself and for the country as a whole. It’ll remind you that even as you run up and down trying to accomplish a lot in this oh so competitive world, or as you struggle taking care of your kids, God needs you to have a relationship with Him, not just praying for everyone else and forgetting that you too need to pray and connect with Him.

  • FINDING Eden by Mark Bichachi

    A man caught between true love, fate and the modern african dating scene. A tense battle between his sexuality, his religion and the expectations of society.

    A romantic tale like no other, that keeps you glued on the edge of your seat as you follow the story through dates, flings, marriage, infidelity and trips across the globe.

  • New Left Review 109

    Susan Watkins: Which Feminisms?
    The American anti-discrimination paradigm, generated in the 1960s to neutralize the threat of radical black protests, has provided the palimpsest for global feminism for the past twenty years. How will it be challenged by the eruption of new gender protests, from Buenos Aires to Warsaw, Washington to Rome?

    Herman Daly, Benjamin Kunkel: Ecologies of Scale
    Eco-economist Herman Daly presents a practical programme for an egalitarian, steady-state economy. From Smith and Mill to Georgescu and Schumacher, Daly and Benjamin Kunkel debate problems of development, quantitative and qualitative, and biophysical equilibrium. If the world economy is conceived as a sub-system of a larger eco-system, what are the limits to growth?

    Emilie Bickerton: A New Proletkino?
    Is it possible to detect the contours of a new genre of proletarian cinema operating across the widely contrasted films of Ken Loach, the Dardenne brothers, Robert Guédiguian, Aki Kaurismäki and Pedro Costa? What does this body of work say about contemporary working-class experience and its representations on the silver screen?

    Geoffrey Ingham: Finance and Power
    Geoffrey Ingham on Tony Norfield, The City: London and the Global Power of Finance. A former banker’s Marxist account of the imperialist dynamics of international finance and the preponderance of the Square Mile as the bureau de change of the world.

    Alice Bamford: Intaglio as Philosophy
    Alice Bamford on Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Le graveur et le philosophe: Albert Flocon rencontre Gaston Bachelard. Meditations on art and philosophy, science and reflexivity, sparked by a Surrealist collaboration in postwar Paris.
    Peter Morgan: Worlds and Letters

    Peter Morgan on Alexander Beecroft, An Ecology of World Literature. Local literatures and their bonding into greater unities; the cosmopolitan residues of great empires; vernaculars and national literatures. A framework for comparison from Sumeria to the globalized present.

  • Why Your Kids Do What They Do: Responding to the Driving Forces Behind Your Teen’s Behavior

    Learn how to biblically respond to the driving forces behind your teen’s behavior, particularly their emotional needs.

  • Love, Freedom, and Aloneness: The Koan of Relationships

    In today’s world, freedom is our basic condition, and until we learn to live with that freedom, and learn to live by ourselves and with ourselves, we are denying ourselves the possibility of finding love and happiness with someone else.

    Love can only happen through freedom and in conjunction with a deep respect for ourselves and the other. Is it possible to be alone and not lonely? Where are the boundaries that define “lust” versus “love”…and can lust ever grow into love? In Love, Freedom, Aloneness you will find unique, radical, and intelligent perspectives on these and other essential questions. In our post-ideological world, where old moralities are out of date, we have a golden opportunity to redefine and revitalize the very foundations of our lives. We have the chance to start afresh with ourselves, our relationships to others, and to find fulfillment and success for the individual and for society as a whole

  • 100 Words Every Word Lover Should Know

    The newest title in the popular 100 Words series, 100 Words Every Word Lover Should Know is the perfect book for people who enjoy reading about words that have absorbing histories, intriguing coinages, surprising but useful meanings, or have been used by famous writers throughout the history of English.

    Many of these 100 words are accompanied by notes that explain in detail the path the word has undertaken in its journey to its current meaning, providing useful etymological information about how the usage of a word develops over time. Additionally, 100 Words Every Word Lover Should Know features scores of quotations from classical and contemporary authors, from Henry James and Jane Austen to Sylvia Plath and William Golding, Douglas Coupland and Donna Tartt.

    A great gift for anyone who appreciates the beauty, history, and depth of the English language, 100 Words Every Word Lover Should Know will appeal to all who are avid readers and take pride in a vibrant, active vocabulary.

  • Wisdom for Today’s Woman: Insights from Esther

    Women in today’s world face an onslaught of ever-changing challenges and circumstances. It’s often hard to know how to respond. But centuries ago, one humble, extraordinary woman stepped into the limelight where she encountered great trials of her own–and became a model of godly living for all women to follow.

    As you study the dramatic life of Queen Esther you’ll learn vital lessons about choices, personal trials, pride, faith, and control. More than that, you’ll discover the essential, foundational truths upon which a wise woman builds her life and faith

  • Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective

    Introduces students to the significant topics in the field of anthropology of gender – drawing not only from classic sources, but also from the diverse literature on gender roles and ideology around the world. This book takes an accessible approach to the subject matter, making coverage appropriate for students from a variety of levels.

  • Gender and Ageing

    This book is a follow-up to Arber and Ginn’s award winning “Connecting Gender and Ageing” (1995). It contains original chapters from eminent writers on gender and ageing, addressing newly emergent areas within gender and ageing, including gender identity and masculinity in later life. Early work on gender and ageing was dominated by a focus on older women. The present collection breaks with this tradition by emphasizing changing gender roles and relationships, gender identity and an examination of masculinities in midlife and later life. A key theme running through the book is the need to reconceptualize partnership status, in order to understand the implications for women and men of widowhood, divorce and new forms of relationships, such as Living Apart Together (LAT-relationships). Another is the influence of socio-economic circumstances on how ageing is experienced and transitions are negotiated.

    The book illustrates new ways of thinking about old age and indicates policy implications, especially concerning the nature of service provision for older people. It will change the ways in which social scientists conceptualize later life.
    Written with undergraduate students and researchers in mind, “Gender and Ageing: Changing Roles and Relationships” will be an invaluable text for those studying social gerontology, sociology of later life, gender studies, health and community care and social policy.

  • Letitia Baldrige’s More Than Manners: Raising Today’s Kids to Have Kind Manners and Good

    American families are sick of rudeness, aggression, and unruly behavior. They are searching for ways to cool down society — and bring up kids who win at life by peaceful, compassionate, and rational means, rather than the opposite. This is the book that casts out a new lifeline to them and speaks positively to their deepest needs and yearnings. Explaining that kindness is the heart and core of civility and manners in any society, Letitia Baldrige, America’s number one best-selling authority on manners, has finally written the book that millions have been waiting for: a road map to raising and guiding kids who succeed in life through decency and honor.

    “It all starts in the home,” says Baldrige, as she shows parents and other concerned adults how to teach kids to:

    Gain respect and become leaders — at home, at school, and in the larger world — without becoming wimps or bullies.

    Defuse explosive situations with words and actions that turn hostility into harmony.

    Use conciliation instead of confrontation with peers, authority figures, and others.

    Be courteous and compassionate with family and friends and out in public while still standing up for themselves.

    Learn behaviors that will make them liked and respected and will make the world around them a better place as they grow up. And much more…

    Baldrige accomplishes this using real-life examples of encounters between adults and young people and the day-to-day interactions between young peers — at home, at school, and out in the world — plus the compelling and often personal true stories and anecdotes that have made her other books so warm and conversational and loved by millions.

    In his longtime best-sellingBook of Virtues, William Bennett showed us the values we should strive for to get life back on track again. In her book, Letitia Baldrige shows us how to apply those principles in everyday life, twenty-four hours a day — and get results!

  • I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman

    With her disarming, intimate, completely accessible voice, and dry sense of humor, Nora Ephron shares with us her ups and downs in I Feel Bad About My Neck, a candid, hilarious look at women who are getting older and dealing with the tribulations of maintenance, menopause, empty nests, and life itself.

    The woman who brought us When Harry Met Sally . . ., Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, and Bewitched, and the author of best sellers Heartburn, Scribble Scribble, and Crazy Salad, discusses everything–from how much she hates her purse to how much time she spends attempting to stop the clock: the hair dye, the treadmill, the lotions and creams that promise to slow the aging process but never do. Oh, and she can’t stand the way her neck looks. But her dermatologist tells her there’s no quick fix for that.

    Ephron chronicles her life as an obsessed cook, passionate city dweller, and hapless parent. She recounts her anything-but-glamorous days as a White House intern during the JFK years (“I am probably the only young woman who ever worked in the Kennedy White House that the President did not make a pass at”) and shares how she fell in and out of love with Bill Clinton–from a distance, of course. But mostly she speaks frankly and uproariously about life as a woman of a certain age.

    Utterly courageous, wickedly funny, and unexpectedly moving in its truth telling, I Feel Bad About My Neck is a book of wisdom, advice, and laugh-out-loud moments, a scrumptious, irresistible treat.